Featherdale Wildlife Park


City: Doonside
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Opened 1972



Species 280


Meet Australian animals frome quolls and bilbys to echidnas and dingos

Last visited 2018

Featherdale wildlife park
217 Kildare Road
NSW 2767


Phone number 2 9622 1644

Opened minimum 10am - 5 pm, closed Christmas day

Entrance fee

  • Adult 34,- $
  • Child 3-15 years 19,- $
Annual cards (valid for 12 months) 
  • Adult 70,- $
  • Child 4-12 years 40,- $

For kids thereare several petting area

Established on 7 acres of land originally purchased by Charles and Marjorie Wigg in 1953, Featherdale has evolved from a poultry farm into one of the best privately own wildlife parks in Australia.The Wigg’s son-in-law, Bruce Kubbere studied Australian fauna from early childhood and with his vision and encouragement, Featherdale opened to the public as a wildlife park in 1972. In the early years Bruce, and his wife Margaret, operated a plant nursery on conjunction with the Wildlife Park. Beautiful Australian native trees and plants now line the walkways and landscape the enclosures as a legacy of the park’s history. Featherdale’s future was threatened in 1975 with plans to use the property for a housing commission development. The then Premier, Sir Robert Askin was presented with thousands of signed petitions, most of which were signed behalf of local residents who stressed “the importance of Featherdale Wildlife Park” to district school children. Fortunately the government rescinded its original decision and the park was saved. Today Featherdale is owned by Elanor Investors Group.
Map 2015 Map 2018
After paying the entrance fee we walk accross a small bridge to enter the first wallaby enclosure. Here we see wombats in an enclosure for them selfs. Following the path we also meet several Australian birds and the Southern cassowary. Exiting the enclosure we the see Australian pelicans and the the Koala sanctuary. Entering the kangaroo enclosure with grey kangaroos we see some owl aviaries t. Exiting it again we once more see koalas and the little penguins. Turning left then its time to se the Tasmanian devils and little later the blacknecked stork. They are followed by brolgas. In this area are a lot of bird aviaries as well as quolls and flying foxes. The we reached the farm yard where kids can meet sheep, goats, pigs and other farm animals. At the rear end of the park are enclosure for some wallabies, cassowaries and othe bird. Then its time to enter a wallaby enclosure agein, home to the agile wallaby. Next to them is the reptile pavillion, with lots of lizards and snakes. Getting out again we can look at some birds of prey. Next to them is an enclosure for Salt water crocodiles. Accross we find the dingo, Following the path we meet more koalas, echidnas and some birds. Then entering the nocturnal house with bilby's.

DE: Dieser Zoo zeigt die australische Fauna. Wollte man schon immer ein känguruh oder Koala anfassen, hier ist die Chance

DK: Denne zoo viser den autalske fauna. Drømmer man om at klappe et kænguru eller en koala er dette stedet
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