WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo


City: Darling Harbour
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Opened 2006



Species 100


Meet Australian animals frome the scarry spiders to the cuddely koalas

Last visited 2018

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
1-5 Wheat Road
Darling Harbour
NSW 2000

Phone number 1800-206-158

Opened minimum 10am - 5 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 44,- $
  • Child 4-15 years 31,- $

Entrance fee for Sea Life & Wild Life

  • Adult 65,- $
  • Child 4-15 years 46,- $

Annual cards (valid for 12 months) for 11 Merlin Attractions like Sea Life, Wild Life, Madame Tussauds and Tower Eye in Sydney
  • Adult 109,- $
  • Child 4-12 years 109,- $
  • Family up to 2 adults and children/grandchildren (minimum 3 persons) 79,- $ per person

For kids there is a petting area

Construction began in November 2004 on the site, and was completed in August 2006. Wild Life Sydney is unusual for a zoo or wildlife park in that the public areas are almost entirely enclosed and air-conditioned. The A$52 million development features a 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) walkway which snakes through 7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft) of enclosures. The upper level exhibits are open-air, enclosed only by a large stainless steel mesh roof structure supported by curved beams, which were designed to look like the ribs of the rainbow serpent of Aboriginal myth when viewed from above. This open-air feature has enabled the exhibits to be landscaped naturally with live plants, including full-sized trees. The largest exhibit is the 800-square-metre (8,600 sq ft) semi-arid habitat, featuring 250 tonnes of red sand trucked in from central Australia and full-sized bottle trees. In May 2006, Sydney Aquarium Pty Ltd announced plans to expand the existing aquarium site, in order to incorporate the wildlife park. Following this announcement, and after the acquisition of the tourist attractions at Sydney Tower and of Manly Oceanarium, Sydney Aquarium Pty Ltd changed its name to Sydney Attractions Group. Village Roadshow Limited purchased Sydney Attractions Group in late 2007. UK attractions group Merlin Entertainments bought Sydney Wildlife World as part of its acquisition of Village Roadshow assets in March 2011. The park changed its name to Wild Life Sydney Zoo (trademarked as Wild Life Sydney) and re-opened on 13 September 2011. In December 2009 the attraction unveiled a new Northern Territory-themed enclosure called Kakadu Gorge which, until May 2016, housed a near-5-metre (16 ft) male saltwater crocodile named Rex. The enclosure is bordered by viewing galleries both above and below the waterline. Several species of fishes and bird are also kept in the enclosure. As of February 2016, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo have acquired a new Platypus Display.
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After paying the entrance feewe meet the first snake at the left hand and then going to enter a butterfly garden. Here we also meet the long-necked turtles and some amphibians. Next are some of the most deathly creatures of Australia, the Taipan and other snakes. The noise we have heard though belongs to thefollowing tasmanian devils. Maybe the highlight are the Koalas which live next to an rocky enclosure with rock wallabies and wombats. Going deeper in to the jungle we meet cassowarys and padmelons. Then it's time to get inside the enclosure for kangaroos. Going on the main path again we meet the Saltwater crocodile. Then its time to be quiet to meet the shy nocturnal animals, like the platypus and the bilby. If you head up the stairs you can take a picture next to the koala. Before heading to the exit we can see the crocodile swim under water.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt die australische Fauna vom Känguruh bis zum Koala. Seltener sieht man das Schnabeltier und den Grossen Kaninchennasenbeutler

DK: Denne lille have viser den australske fauna med kænguruer og koalaer. Sjældnere ser man næbdyret og den store kaninpunggrævling
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