The Shore Oceanarium

City: Malacca
Country: Malaysia
Province: Malacca
Opend 2015

Species 100

Feed sea turtles, touch tropical fish and discover more underwater life. This aquarium is a great place for an hour while your teenage daughter shops at the mall The Shore

Last visited 2023


The Shore Oceanarium
2F-01, The Shore Shopping Gallery
193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka
Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka


Phone number 606-282 9966



Open  minimum Thursday-Tuesday 10,30 am - 7 pm



  • Adult  Malay 40,- MYR
  • Child Malay 30,- MYR
  • Adult Foreigner 50,- MYR
  • Child Foreigner 40,- MYR

After paying the entrance fee we meet the touch pool with rays and corals. In the following room you have gold fish, wich you can touch. Here we also find more corals and languster. Passing the big screen and rotating plants we meet different reptiles and amphibians. Next is a large aquarium for a coral grouper. Then we can watch a 3D movie. While sharks swim above our heads we then can look at severall snail houses and mussels. Following are several aquariums with different fishes from the coral reef. Walking  on the piano keys we enter the aqua infinity room with cichlides. Then heading through a underwater tunnel and a ray tunnel. Following are different aquariums, here we meet lunf fish, cave fish among others and arownas. Then we are reaching a large reef aquarium with dory. Lets the meet the stone fish and moray eels. After that we see puffer fish and the picasso fish among others. Then the popular sea horses and jelly fish. At last you enter the old sea turtle room where you can feed fish.

DE: Dieses Aquarium zeigt insbesonders tropische Fische 

DK: Dette akvarium viser især tropiske fisk
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