A'Famosa Safari Wonderland


City: Tampin
Country: Malaysia
Province: Malacca
Opend 1992

Species 100

Walk into the land of an chanting animals ‘see the ferocious fangs of a tiger and touch docile rabbits, all in one place. Ride on horses, camels and elephants. ‘Walk Through’ among pretty flamingos, amusing raccoons and the dino ancestors, the emu and the ostriches. Feel the thrills of an animal safari; ride on our secure truck – make the giraffes peer and tigers glare in the ‘Safari Adventure Ride’. Cruise the river to ‘Monkey Island’ on a raft, to see witty little capuchins, brown lemurs, monkey squirrels & white-handed gibbons. Even touch and feed monkeys.

Last visited 2023

Safari Woderland
A'famosa Resort
Jalan Kemus
78000 Alor Gajah

Phone number 06-552 0888

E-mail: rsvn.klso@afamosa.com


Open minimum Wednesday-Monday  10am-5pm


  • Adult MyKad 55,- MYR
  • Child MyKad 45,- MYR
  • Adult international: 135,- MYR
  • Child international: 125,- MYR


The zoo is part of a amusement park


The resort is a one-stop venue for business and pleasure, it boasts an international championship golf course, designed by renowned Australia golf course architect  Ross C. Watson, the Water World, Safari Wonderland, Condotel and Villas and Freeport A’Famosa Outlet The Resort, founded in the year 1992 had come a very long way into making the place as a venue for everyone. The vision is to build a hidden paradise to avoid the busy sounds of the city. Construction of the Resort began with a massive land fills and grass planting for the Golf Course. In the same time, villas and properties begin its development phase by phase.

Safari Wonderland was completed in the year of 2001. The Safari was one of its kind back then in Malaysia where the concept of animals roaming freely and talented animals performing tricks became one of the regions “a must-to-visit.”

Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we first meet the elephant arena, where there are 2 daily shows. Then we enter the bus stop. The bus drives us through a savannah with a rhino as well as an elephant enclosure on the side. In the next savannah area we look at giraffes and other ungulates. Then we drive through enclosures for cheetahs, tigers, lions and bear. In this area you can feed either lions or tigers. Next stop is the hippo enclosure, you can feed them. The last area is for crocodiles. Leaving the bus we enter the reptile house with snakes, monitor lizards etc. In this area we also have a chicken farm. In the walk thru area we meet flamingos, tapir, deer, otter and orang utans. Walking through the cafeteria we enter the docks to sail to the monkey island with different lemurs and gibbons

DE: Dieser Zoo ist eingeteilt in 2 Bereiche. Der eine mit insbesondere malayische Tiere ist begehbar. Der andere ist ein Safari Park den man mit einem offenen bus besichtigt

DK: Denne zoo er inddelt i 2 områder. Den ene viser især malajsiske dyr som man oplever til fods. Den anden er en safaripark  som ses med en åben bus
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