Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

City:Petaling Jaya
Country: Malaysia
Province: Selangor
Opend 29th April 1993

Species 150

This water park has a big amusement park area as well as a wild life park. The Wildlife Park is an interactive and educational zoo with exotic, small and friendly animals from a range of birds, reptiles and mammals. The Wildlife Park is home to pygmy marmoset and white lions among its latest additions. Each of the animal sanctuaries has a different name such as Pet Village, Jungle Trail, Aviary, Tropical Enclosure, Tree Top Terrace and Bird Savannah
Last visited 2023

Sunway Lagoon
3, Jalan PJS 11/11
Bandar Sunway
47500 Petaling Jaya

Phone number 3-5639 0000
Fax-number 3 5639 0050

Open minimum Wednesday-Monday  10am-6pm


  • Adult MyKad 160,- MYR
  • Child MyKad 135,- MYR
  • Adult international: 340,- MYR
  • Child international: 288,- MYR


The zoo is part of a amusement park


The park began operations in 1992 and was officiated by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad, on 29 April 1993. The zoo was added 2007. 2015 a pair of white lions arrived and in 2016 a pair of white tigers.
Map 2018 Map 2023
After paying the entrance fee we are going down the hill and take the escalators even futher down. At the koi carp pool we turn right and after e short while right again. On te rigt we have some enclosures for reptiles, on the left a small house for invertebrates. Going slowly uphill we meet flamingos and then enter a big aviary for crowned pigeons and other local birds. Following the sign to the tree top we then meet the black panther and the lar gibbons. Going downhill its then time to meet lion, tiger and sun bear. At tigers we go further down back to the reptiles and head for the big lake. Here we turn right . On the right hand we then meet the cassowary and farm animals. Then we can enter an area with several enclosures for tortoises and prairie dogs. Near it we have a walk in enclosure agile wallabies. Next to it are some horses and rabbits

DE: Dieser Vergnügungspark verfügt  über einen kleinen Zoo mit insbesonders Malaysischen Tieren, aber auch Löwen und Tiger

DK: Denne forlystelsespark råder over en lille zoo med især malajsiske dyr. Der vises ligelede dyr som løver og tiger
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