Zoo de Batan

City: Batan
Country: Argentina
Province: Buenos Aires

Opend 2005


Species 300

Among the species of the Argentine fauna that exhibits include specimens of: puma, ocelot, wildcat, ferret, coati, capybara, mara, agutí, vizcacha, guanaco, llama, pecari, black eagle, various species of ducks and parrots. Exotic fauna include: African lion, tiger, brown bear, Eland antelope, yak, water buffalo, axis deer, Indian antelope, Bactrian camel, sacred baboon, marmoset, hippopotamus, etc.

The zoo is on the way to become a bioparc concentrating on local fauna

Service given


Open : minimum weekends 10am-6pm

Entrace fee: Yes

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The Zoo has a places where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the zoo on your homepage







Phone number (223) 424-3231
Address: Zoológico de Batán, Los Ortiz Entre 158 Y 162, 7601 Batán, Buenos Aires, Argentina






Where to finde the Park:

I don't have any guides of this zoo. Does any body know if they made any guides? And where I can get them?
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