Tiergarten Ulm


City: Ulm

Country: Germany

State: Baden-Würtemberg


Opend 1966 (the Tiergarten in 1935)


Species 150

The aquarium is not an aquarium in conventional sense, because in addition to the fish of the Danube and from abroad there are also primates, and the rare  Persian fallow deer .

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Last visit 2007

Tiergarten Ulm
Wielandstraße 80
D 89073 Ulm



Phone nr 0731-161-6742

Open: 10am-5pm

  • Adult 5 Euro
  • Child 3 Euro
  • Family*/** 8/14 Euro
* Family tickets are valid for one adult and up to 2 children
** Family tickets are valid for two adults and up to 4 children

Annual card
  • Adult 35 Euro
  • Child 15 Euro
  • Familly 55 Euro
* Family cards are valid for 2 parents and up to 4 children

  • 1927: Monkey enclosures and aviaries for pheasants and other birds are set up in a shed  in  Friedrichsau.
  • 1935:  The erection of a small animal park started. The first phase was a aquariumbuilding, aviaries, a deer and a bear enclosure 
  • 1944: The zoo is closed.
  • 1954: The Ulmer aquarium and terrarium club openeded  in the old bird house a small aquarium and a terrarium show.
  • 1956: Gesellschaft Neues Aquarium e.V. was established
  • 1961: A fire destroyed the entire facility.
  • 1966: on the old site the city of Ulm built  the new aquarium house.
  • 1980: Becourse  of the national horticultural show in Ulm the Tropical House opens.
  • 1986: The aqyuarium gets the free flight aviary and the monkeys get an outdoor cage.
  • 1999: The city of Ulm hires professional zoo keepers. The zoo gets red-necked wallabys
  • 2000: South American pampas for alpacas and rheas is opened.
  • 2001: aviaries for parots are renewed.
  • 2003 The zoo school opens. The bears get a new enclosure. Foundation of the Friends of the Tiergarten Ulm eV
  • 2005: A small restaurant opens at the zoo. More than 120 000 people visit the zoo
  • 2006: The Ulmer aquarium and terrarium club dissolves.  The planning for the Danube aquarium is complete and the Ulm city council commissioned the project-development-company Ulm with its construction.
  • 2008: Opening of an aquarium showing the wildlife of the Danube where you can see the animals through a Plexiglas tube from below
  • 2015: The aquarium gets its present Logo
Map 2015

The aquarium has 36 aquariums where native fish such as pike and carp, but also tropical freshwater fish and tropical marine fish are shown. There also are several terrariums with various amphibians and reptiles such as the axolotl and Mississippi alligators. In the tropical house Lar gibbons, false gharial, but also birds are  shown. In the outdoor enclosures you meet brown bears, Persian fallow deer and kangaroos.

DE: Das aquarium hat 36 Aquarien wo einheimische Fische wie Hechte und Karpfen, aber auch tropische Süsswasserfische und Tropisch Meeresfische werden gezeigt. Neben bei werden dann auch Terrarien gezeigt mit diversen Amphibien und Reptilien, wie der Axolotl und Mississippi Alligatoren. Im Tropenhaus werden Weishandgibbons, Sundagaviale, Vögel aber auch spannende Nutzpflanzen gezeigt. In den Aussenanlagen trift man auf Braunbären, Metsopotamische Damhirsche und Känguruhs.


DK: Dette er ikke kun et akvarium, men også en lille zoo, hvor man kan se de i naturen udrydet metsopotamiske dådyr. Akvariet viser et bredt spektrum af lokale fisk fra den nære Donau og de fjerne tropiske farvande. Men også padder, krybdyr, fugle og ikke mindst aber hr fundet et hjem her.

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