Den blå planet

City: Kastrup
Country: Denmark
Region: Capital Region

Opend: 21st April 1939


Species 700


The Blue Plane (den blå planet) is Denmarks national aquarium and the biggest in Northern Europe. It has a small section for danish fish and generally show tropical fish, but you will also meer animals like sea lions, hyrax and atlantic puffin. All in all there are 53 tanks.

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Den blå planet

Jacob Fortlingsvej 1

DK - 2770 Kastrup


Phone nr.: 44222244


The aquarium is open mondays 10am-9pm; tuesday-sunday  10am - 6pm



  • Adult 210,- DKK
  • Child 110 ,- DKK

Anual card

  • Adult 460,- DKK
  • Child 295,- DKK
  • Senior 405,- DKK


There are daily feedingshows,  look at the sign at the entrance. 

The first stone was layed in 1937 and official opened the 21st.April.1939 in a functionalistic building.   In 1974 the aquarium was extended with 5 big tanks and a biological museum for changing exhibitions. 1990 the aquarium got a new foryer with an big café and classrooms, as well as toiltes in the basement. Still to small and since the building is under cultural heritage management it can not be extented. So in 2007 an architectural competion is made and the new and present building was opened on the 22nd march 2013.

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After we crossed the hallway and turn right we meet the danish fish from fresh- and sea-water. Here we have sturgeons, the pike and watch the flounders change colour in their aquarium. Kids will love the touchpool here. Watch the Atlantic Puffin fly from the bird cliff while cod and small sharks swimm beneath the watersurface. In this corner you also can watch californian sea lions swimm under water. After a while we reach the lakes of Africa, especially Lake Tanganyika with its endemic cichilides. Here we also finde the rock hyrax and the turaco. Now turning right we have the cave area with blind cave tetra, electrical eel and the elephant fish. Behind the curtains we find the Amazone river with Europos largest groupe of piranha, thr arowana and the green anaconda. Going outside of the rainforest we have the path of evolution with poison dart frogs, lungfish and the alligator snapping turtle. Now heading left we are in the deep ocean with hammerhead sharks and rays. This tank has 4 million liter water. Going around the corner we meet sea horses and seadragons. In this area we also finde the octopus. The last area is the coral reef as the clown fish and triggerfish.


DK: Dette er Danmarks national akvarium nyåbnet i 2013 men historien går tilbage til 1939. Der vises især tropiske fisk som hajer, men også andre dyr har sneget sig ind som klippegrævlinge, lunde og søløver


DE: Dies ist das gröst Aquarium von Skandinavien und zeigt insbesonders tropische Fische. Aber auch Säugetiere wie der Schliefer und Vögel wie der Seepapagei gibt es hier zu sehen
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