Zoologischer Garten Karlsruhe


City: Karlsruhe

Country: Germany

State: Baden-Würtemberg


Opend 1865


Species 255

This small zoo is known for its goitered antelopes and is among the oldest zoos in Germay. It is a part of the city's park department and even has a small branch outside the city in a large forest

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Last visit: 2010


Zoologischer Stadtgarten Karlsruhe

Ettlinger Straße 6

D - 76137 Karlsruhe







Phone Nr.: 0721-1336815



Open: minimum 9am-5pm



  • Adult 12,- Euro
  • Child 5,- Euro

Tickets from the natural history museum gives a discount at the zoo

Annual card

  • Adult 42,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro
  • Family*/** 68,-/105,- Euro
* Family cards are valid for one adult and up to 4 children

** Family cards are valid for two persons and up to 4 children

Kids will love to pet a goat at the goat enclosure

Map 2013 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee a lawn with flamingos to the left and a lake in front of us. Following this on the left side we see different flowers since the zoo is as much a flower garden. After a long while we meet the farm with donkeys and goats. Following the lake on the other side we finally reach the pachyderm house with Asian elephants and hippos. Across is the South American house with parrots among others. Then we face the carnivore house, home to tigers, lions and the fennec fox among others. Its neighbour is the monkey house, home to cotton-top tamarins and the chimpanzee. In this are we also meet storks and ducks. At the Bactrian camels we thn turn right to see the red-necked wallaby. Across we meet seals, sea lions, polar bears and penguins. At the Savannah with an giraf house and a house for several ungulates like the Scimtered Oryx  and the Zebra we meet the snow leopards. Befor heading to the exit its time to look at at goitered antelopes and different species of owls.

DE: Dieser Zoo ist einer der ältesten in Deutschland und ist bekannt für seine Kropfgazellen. Publikumslieblinge sind aber wohl eher die Asiatischen elefanten und Eisbären

DK: Denne lille have er en af tysklands ældste og især kendt for sine persiske gazeller. Favoritterne er dog nok de asiatiske elefanter og isbjørnene
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