City: Grenå
Country: Denmark
Region: Central Denmark

Opend 7th May 1993 

Species 200

This is one of Denmarks best aquariums and shows a fishes and is especially known for its sharks

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Færgevej 4

8500 Grenaa

DK - Denmark








telefon 86325200
E-mail kc@kattegatcentret.dk




The Aquarium is open minmum tuesday-sunday  10am - 4pm, closed december





  • Adult 195,- DKK
  • Child 110,- DKK

Annual Card 

  • Adult 360,- DKK
  • Child 200,- DKK

During the day the sharks and other fish will be fet, if you dare, you even can swim with the sharks. Ask at the entrance ore call.

The aquarium is a sea water aquarium showing species frome the Baltic Sea (the biggest tank has 1,5 million liter sea water) as well as sharks frome tropical sea water (these are living in a 550000 liter sea water). You can stroll beneath the sharks through a glas tunnel. The aquarium was enlarged 1997.

Map 2023

The aquarium is separated in to 7 regions, the most popular is probably the shark tank where several species of sharks live, and the largest of them is 2.5 meters. The aquarium has deep part for the big fish and a lower part where the little ones can seek refuge if they want. The tropical aquariums are with various fish, especially from coral reefs. The tropical lagoon mimics the environment of the Caribbean Sea. Here you will find rays among others. Ocenariet with the Danish sharks - often not bigger than 1.5 meters. However thw Basking shark comes now and then here to Denmark. It’s the world's second largest shark at 10 meter. Kattegat aquariums with fish from local waters. Seal lagoon with 3 fun harbor seals and a stone reef, which explains what the Danish stone reefs are.



UK: Kattegatcenret er danmarks eneste akvarium hvor du kan se store hajer - de største er en 2½ bmeter lange. Fodringstid er omkring kl 14. Men du kan også se farverige fisk fra forskellige koralrev, the karibiske hav og fra lokale farvande, nemlig kattegat. Udenfor er der endda 3 sjove sæler.  



DE: Lust darauf grose Haie zu sehen, dan ist Kattegatcentret genau richtig für dich. Das Aquarium zeigt mehrere arten, aber zeigt auch andere tropische Fische, so wie Fische aus der Ostsee. Vor dem Aquarium leben 3 seehunde.

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