Thüringer Zoopark Erfurt

City: Erfurt

Country: Germany

State: Thuringia


Opend 1959


Species 135

This small zoo is in area one of Germanys largest zoos with 63 hectares. Of this area 15 hectare is protectet for its interesting biotope. It's known for its monkeys, but you also meet the large animals like African Elephants and rhinos

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Last visitet 2015




Thüringer Zoopark Erfurt
Am Zoopark 1
D - 99087 Erfurt





Phone 0361-751880



Open minimum 9am-4pm



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 15,- Euro
  • Child 7,50 Euro
  • Family* 40,- Euro
* Famillytickets are valid for parents with up to 5 children

Annual card
  • Adult 80,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro
  • Family* 70,- Euro
* Famillycards are valid for parents with up to 5 children

  • 1959: Opening of the zoo
  • 1960: The first elephant arrives, she's an African elephant called Marina
  • 1966: The Monkey house opens
  • 1972: The giraffe Maja is born, she later gives birth to 8 other giraffes
  • 1974: The zoo gets 5 elephants
  • 1977: The zooparty takes place the first time
  • 1984: The elephant house opens, so does the zoo school
  • 1985: East Germanys first noctural area opens at the elephant house
  • 1993: The zoos new star is the lion Ramses
  • 1996: The zoo gets the North bald ibis
  • 1998: Opening of the Rhinoceros house and the walk-in enclosure for barbary macaques
  • 1999: 2 elephants arrive
  • 2003: The Aquarium in downtown Erfurt becomes a part of the zoo. Openeing of the farm for the public. The extension of the monkeyhouse opens
  • 2004: A new building for the zooschool opens
  • 2005: The lion savannah opens
  • 2006: The aviary for vultures near the elephant house opens
  • 2007: Opening of the KangarooLands
  • 2009: Opening of an enclosure for flamingos
  • 2010: Opening of a Sout American enclosure and a walk-in enclosure for fallow deer
  • 2011: Opening of the cheetah and prairie dog enclosures
  • 2012: Opening of the African savannah and the lemur forest
  • 2014: Opening of the new African elephant enclosure
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After paying the entrance fee we are having the lions enclosure in front of us, in this area we also find the spotted hyena and the bat-eared fox. Opposite we find the flamingo lagoon. Following is a savannah with zebras and antilopes and then the african swamp with siatungas. Here we follow the road to the left and soon arrive at the monkey house with ring-tailed lemurs. nilgiri langurs (the only ones in outside India) and king colobus's. Behind the house we find the Siamang and the white rhinoceros. Then its time to look at the South American pampas with llamas and rheas. Opposite we find the cheetah and then Bactrian camels as well as goats. Turning right here we go inside the fallow deer enclosre and then reach the North American area with Bisons, Prairie dogs and birds of prey. Going back to the goats we pass the yak and then turn left to meet the giraffes. Inside theire house there are som cichlides from lake Malawi. Next door are mantled guerezas. Passing som aviaries for parots and the siberian weasel. Beneath them we find the northen bald ibis and the griffon vulture. In this area we also find the old elephant house. Then facing the new Elephant enclosure we walk to the old farm with animals like the Hinterwald. Following the road toward the exit we see first enclosures for horses, donkeys and goats. Following is the forrest for barbary macaques, you are welcome to enter this enclosure. Then we have reached the kanagaroo enclosure with eastern grey kangaraoos. Opposite we find the laughing kookaburra.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo auf einem riesiegen gebiet ist bekannt für seine selten gezeigten affen wie der Nilgiri langur (die einzigen Tiere ausserhalb von ihrer Heimat Indien) aber auch Dickhäuter wie den Afriskanischen Elefanten und Breitmaulnashörner

DK: Denne lille zoo på et kæmpe areal er kendt for sine sjælden viste arter som Nilgiri languren ( de eneste udenfor Indien) og i nyere tid tykhuder som afrikanske elefanter og hvide næsehorn
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