Jyllands Park Zoo



City: Haunstrup
Country: Denmark
Region: Central Denmark
Opend 1969


Species 100


This small zoo shows some exotic animals like the big felines and big herbivores like giraffes and zebras.

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Last visited 2017


Jyllands Park Zoo

Haunstrupvej 13

DK - 6920 Videbæk





Phone nr.: 97166120
Fax nr.: 97 16 62 31
E-mail info@jyllandsparkzoo.dk


Open April-August minimum 10am - 4pm



  • Adult 185,- DKK
  • Child 115,- DKK
  • Seniors 165,- DKK

Season card

  • Adult 360,- DKK
  • Child 225,- DKK

  • You can buy food at the entrance for the goats and there is a big play ground. Els there is the daily feedings of the animals, ask at the entrance, and kids can ride ponys.

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    After paying the entrance, we meet the African spurred tortoises and follow theire enclosure on the right. Here we meet baboons and opposite the lorikeet. Going through the portal we follow the lion enclosure and then meet the brown seals. Following the road we then meet australian animals like the wallaby and the Emu. The following continent is South America with alpacas and tapirs.. In the middle is a lakehome to wading birds and monkeys. Returning on the former path we have a bird house, followed by dindos, rein deer, prairie dogs and the serval. Passing the portal once more and turn right we enter the bird house called fuglestuen. Out side again we turn right to enter the terrarium and to meet the squirrel monkeys. Out side again  we meet different birds and the Japanese macaques. Crossing the road then we enter the play area where children can pet a goat and ride a pony. On the right hand we then meet the yak and Humboldt's penguins. They are followed by the llama and donkeys. Opposit we find small-clawed otters, nutria, coati and turtles. Let's then enter the big aviary and pass the old giraffe house. We follow the next aviary to meet the caracal. Keeping to the right walking along the lakes we meet monkeys and rabbits. Then its time to enter en area with 2 savannahs, one for ankole-watussi and other domestic life stock and the other for giraffes and zebras. In this area we also can enter a sika enclosure. Following the path still keeping to the right meet wooly pigs, spotted hyenas and water fowl.


    DK: Denne lille zoo er især et sted for små børn, men har flere forskellige interessante dyr som løven, giraffer og tapirer.


    DE: Dieser kleine Zoo richtet sich insbesonders an Kinder, aber auch interessante Tiere wie die Löwen, Giraffen und Tapire sind zu sehen.

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