Danmarks Fugle Zoo - Frydenlund Fuglepark



City: Tommerup
Country: Denmark
Region: South Denmark
Opend 1990 

Species 150


In the heart of Denmark you finde this cosy Bird Park home to parots, pheasants, ostriches and a lot of other birds. 

Vis stort kort

Last visited 2006

Danmarks Fugle Zoo - Frydenlund Fuglepark

Skovvej 50

DK - 5690 Tommerup





Phone nr.: 64761322
E-mail fuglepark@mail.dk



Open: Easter - September. minimum 10am - 4pm



  • Adults 140,- DKK
  • Children 140,- DKK

Season ticket:

  • Adults 250,- DKK
  • Children 250,- DKK

Kids can pet rabbits and goats

The garden which has a 4 hectare shows almost exclusively birds, parrots are best represented. Of course there are the large Macaws, but also the smaller king parrot, just to name a few. Another large group is represented are the ducks, of which especially the shelducks are represented by 7 species, ranging from the Danish shelduck to the possibly even more beautiful Paradise Shelduck. But of course other birds also are represented, from the greatest living bird, the ostrich to the small finches, but also owls that live on mice and other pests, are represented.


DK: Midt i Danmark finder du denne fuglepark med en 150 arter, som især viser papegøjer - som de store araer og ænder - som den smukke paradis rustand. 


DE: Im Herzen von Däenmark findet an diesen gemütliche Vogelpark mit 150 Arten, der sich insbesondere auf Papageien - wie die Aras und Entenvögel - wie die Paradieskasarka spezialisiert hat.

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