Nordsjællands Fuglepark


City: Esrum
Country: Denmark
Region: Capital Region
Opend 2003 

Species 200

This Bird Park in northern Zealand is a beautyfull small park witj a lot of parots and other birds. On you road through the garden you also meet wallabys and some reptiles.

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Last visited 2022


Norsjællands Fuglepark

Sodemarksvej 22

DK - 3230 Græsted



Telefon nr.: 21236737


Open: June-August & week 42 daily 10am - 5pm, In april, may & spetember weekend 10am - 5pm  



  • Adult 165,- DKK
  • Child 95,- DKK

Season card


  • Adult 350 DKK
  • Child 250 DKK

Kids can pet and feed the goats (food can be bought at the entrace). You also can feed the the lorikeets at 11am and 2 pm  

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Walking around starts in the in the hall of the tropics, where there is a shop. Opposite the hallway encounters terrariums for small lizards, as the green anole. Behind the door we have the real tropical hall, her are some interesting plants, but of course also an abundance of birds such as Gould's Finches. To the right we come then into a wide range of aviaries home to cockatoos, but also the fun gray parrots. Do we follow the path further, we come to the short house with various small birds as the rare Bali Starling and the funny bat Parrots who sleep with their heads down. Opposite is the long house, home for the macaws, the cheeky toucans and the color magnificent Tragopan. Almost beside, the house for parakeets is located home for the South American parakeets and a large aviary for Australian parakeets, where the most famous is probably Budgies and Cockatiel, both from Australia's arid regions. Children will now probably run over to the goats. Transient of the house for parakeets we see a house for small tropical birds. On the right hand we have the hall for the Lori and the house for furred animals. The first show Loris in various species, which you can go in to and the second shows small mammals, of which the most fun is probably the tamarin. To the right we see the home for Bennett's wallabies and behind them we have the last row of aviaries, namely parakeet house, especially with Australian parakeets as the Rosella.



DK: Selv om denne fuglepark ikke hører til de helt store møder man et hav af fugle fra hele verdenen. Især vises små fugle og forskellige papegøjer. Lorierne kan man endda fodre selv.  


DE: Dies ist ein gemütlicher kleiner Vogelpark der insbesondere Kleinvögel und Papageien zeigt, wie die Kleinen Soldatenaras. Witzig ist auch die schönen Loris zu füttern
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