Randers Regnskov



City: Randers
Country: Denmark
Region: Central Dennmark
Opend 1996

Species 200

This tropical house shows the rainforest in 3 domes, one for Asia, one for Africa and the biggest for South America. Here you walk freely between snakes, birds and bats. It also has a noctural section with Aardwarks and an aquarium. Out side you find among others a childrens farm.

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Last visited in 2023


Phone nr.: 87 10 99 99



Open: Minimum 10am - 4pm 


  • Adult 215,- DKK
  • Child 145,- DKK

Seasonal card 

  • Adult 385,- DKK
  • Child 285,- DKK

Each Day some of the animals are fet, ask at the till station

Randers Regnskov as an idear of Regnar Kirkeby who presented it to the community of Randers. and he got the place where you finde it. After raising 25 million kroners the building took place frome 1994-96. From 1995 the director was Henrik Herold, he opened the house the 13th June 1996. In 1999 the walk in Snake terrarium opened and in 2001 came an enclosure for gibbons and otters. 2003 the biggest of the 3 houses opened to the public, showing animals frome the Asian rainforest. In 2005 the aquarium opened. A new arival for 2012 are the Komodo dragons 

Map 2015

After having paid the entrance fee we take the stairs down and look at the aquarium, home for sharks as well as the fun clown fish known as Nemo for most kids, as well as a lot of other animals from the coral reef. Going op again we se on the right hand the Pacus, a fish that is 4 times as big in captivity than in the wild living together with the manatee. They are a part of the South American are. Home for the bush dogs, the South American tapir, macaws and crocodiles, as well as a lot of free flying birds. Going past the entrance area again the next dome is the African area home for the colobus monkeys and birds. Now we are entering the area for reptiles, if you dare you can go inside to the snakes on the right hand, the only place in Denmark where you stroll freely around snakes. The last dome is the Asian area home for the gibbons and the dragons from Komodo; of course you also meet free flying birds here as well as bats. The last area is a nocturnal area with funny animals like the aardvark.

DK: Randers regnskov er ikke en helt almedelig zoo, men hus der viser regnskovens dyr som fugle der flyver over dit hoved eller slanger der kryber mellem dine ben. Du møder de sjove søkøer, kommer oppe at kravle i træernes top og ser de imponerende drager fra Komodo, men der lever også de søde jordsvin her.

DE: Randers regnskov (der Regenwald von Randers) ist kein gewöhnlicher Zoo, sondern ein Haus das die Tiere des Regenwaldes zeigt wie Vögel die über deinen Kopf fliegen und Schlangen die zwischen deinen Beinen kriechen. Auf deiner Reise triffst du die witzigen Seekühe, kletterst in den gipfel von Bäumen und siehst die imponierenden Drachen von Komodo, aber auch die neidlichen Erdferkel leben hier.

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