Skærup Zoo


City: Skærup
Country: Denmark
Region: Central Denmark
Opend 02.06.2001


Species 100




Skærup zoo shows a lot of animals wich you only can finde here in Scandinavia, as the takin from Asia. Many local people in the Himalaya think its the Yeti, so according to local costum it brings unluck to see one

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Last visited 2007



Skærup Zoo

Søndermarksvej 102


DK - 7080 Børup




Phone nr.: 75868680



Open April-week 42


  • Adult 120,- DKK
  • Child 60,- DKK

Season Card

  • Adult 220,- DKK
  • Child 110,- DKK


Kids will love to pet the goats and ride on ponys 

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We start the stroll with guanacos, ancestor of the llama, deer, blackbuck and the Mishimi Takin. Then we have the 3 enclosures for livestock, with the large Poitou donkey, which is usually used to breed mules. At the old farmhouse are small aviaries for Mara, armadillos, macaques, lemurs, wild cats, birds and small monkeys. Then we entered the monkey area with capuchins, ring-tailed lemurs, squirrel monkeys, Javanese macaques and guezeras and Denmark's only toque macaque. In this area there also are the small feline, namely the Ocelot and the Serval. Opposite, we find again an abundance of birds, but also the small rat kangaroos. Transient of the benches we go into the next area for ungulates with alpacas, peccaries, red river hog, Barbary Sheep and Australia's response to the ungulates, the kangaroo. In this area we also find the large predators, such as the Asian dholes, jaguars and Chinese leopards. Upcoming are the enclosures for the small predators like zebra mongoose, suricats and raccoons, but also it’s also home for the beaver. The last area is somewhat mixed with muntjac, Parma wallabies, radiated tortoise and ducks, as well as the Lar gibbon.


DK: Af de mindre zooer er denne en af de mere interessante, som viser Danmarks eneste takin, kinesiske leoparder, røde hunde og hueaber.

DE: Dieser Zoo gehört zu den mehr interessanten Zoos von Dänemark, die mehrere Arten wie Chinesische Leoparden, Hutaffen, Rothunde und Mishimi Takine als einziger in Dänemark zeigt.
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