Vogelpark Timmendorfer Strand


City: Niendorf/Ostsee
Country: Germany
State: Schleswig-Holstein

Opend 1972


Species 250

This bird park is one of the worlds most interesting, especially the owl collection is the worlds lagest. A lot of the enclosures you can enter, making the visit unforgettable

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2005




Vogelpark Niendorf

An der Aalbeek
D 23669 Niendorf/Ostsee







Phone 04503-4740



Open minimum 10am-4pm



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 10,- Euro
  • Child 5,- Euro

Annual card:
  • Adult 45,- Euro
  • Married couple 75,- Euro
  • Family 85,- Euro
*Family cards are valid fot 2 parents with theire own children

Kids will love  the play grounds
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After paying the entrance fee we go right forward first looking at some aviaries for parots pheasants. On the right hand we are having some lakes for flamingos and pelicans. Then comes an area with storcks, the bird park has europes largest collection. On your way you among others find the saddel stork, the jabiru and the oriental stork. Following are the crowned cranes and the sarus crane. Then its time to look at egrets, herons and the sandhill crane. Going towards the exit we meet some aviaries for tropical birds like the rginoceros bird, crowened pigeon and glossy starlings. Opposite the entrance we are having a lage area with owls and birds of prey like the secretary bird. Here we also find the casowary

DE: Dieser Vogelpark zeigt die welt weit grösste Samlung von Eulen, auch die Storchensamlung ist einzigartig in Europa

DK: Denne fuglepark viser verdens største samling af Ugler og europas største samling af storke
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