Tierpark Perleberg


City: Perleberg

Country: Germany

State: Brandenburg


Opend 1964


Species 100

This small zoo mostly the European fauna, but there are some exotic animals like the coati

Vis stort kort

Last visitet 2009



Tierperk Perleberg

Wisnacker Chaussee 1

D - 19348 Perleberg








Phone 03876-789892



Open 9am-4.30pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 6,- Euro
  • Child 3,- Euro


Annual card

  • Adult 35 Euro 
  • Child 15 Euro 

Kids will love the petting area where they can pet a goat and fallow deer
Map 2015 Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we are having on the right hand the petting area and then the wolf. Theire prey is the in next enclosure living red deer and then we se the pampas with the rhea and the guanaco. Europes only still living wild cattle is the following Wisent. Kids will the love the Guinea pigs. The following ibex and mouflon are having theire home in mountain area.  Birdlovers will then love the following owls and bird of prey, but also the skunk is living in one of these aviaries. Last on this road we finde the brown bear and the coati. Adjanced we find som waterbirds. Turning right at raccoon we se the lynx and the red fox. Following the road to the left we are having birds like the white stork and the crowened crane. Kids will love the following ringtailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys. In the next corner we finde porcupines, goats and rhesus macaques. In front of us we are having some duck ponds and turn right to se the bactrian camel. On the right hand we then have poultry, rabbits, minipigs and wallaby's. Adjanced are some aviaries, among other we find the budgergar here, this aviary we can walk inside. In this bird area we also finde mice and amphibians living in an outdorr lake. Now turning right  we can go inside the fallow deer enclosure.  Outside again and going towards the exit  we meet wild boars, owls and donkeys.

DE: Dieser kleine Tierpark  zeigt insbesonders Europäische Tiere wie den Wolf und den Wisent, ausserdem gibt es viele Vögel zu sehen, u.a. kann man zu den Wellensittichen reingehen

DK: Denne lille have viser især europæiske dyr som ulven og wisenten, ligeledes kan man se en del fugle og gå indtil undulaterne
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