Tierpark Gotha


City: Gotha

Country: Germany

State: Thuringia


Opend 1954


Species 140

This small zoo shows 10 different owl species, has a good rodent and carnivores collection like the desmarest's hutia and the Syrian brown bear.

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Last visitet 2015




Tierpark Gotha

Töpfleber Weg 2

D - 99867 Gotha








Phone 03621-707731



Open minimum 9am-4pm



Entrance fee:

  • Adult 6,- Euro
  • Child 3,- Euro
  • Family* 14,- Euro
* Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and up to 2 children, each aditional child costs 1 Euro

Annual card
  • Adult 24,- Euro
  • Child 12,- Euro
  • Family* 50,- Euro
* Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and theire children

For kids there is a chance to pet goats 
Map 2015 Map 2019
After we have payed the entrance fee we see quite a rarity, the Syrian brown bear that stands out in particular through its bright color. Opposite we meet the Canadian beaver. Behind it we see the lakes for ducks and waders. We turn now to the pelicans on the right hand and on the left we have aviaries for rhesus monkeys. Adjanced we find the largest living rodents in the world, the capybara. Next are the Green baboons and after the small lake some leopards. Behinde the play ground we find enclosures for a group of wolves, the lynx as well as aviaries for raven and waders. Then we look at the North Chinese leopards. Going arround the llama enclosure and the after the ibis aviary are watching some owl species on the main route. Reaching the pecaries we can go inside the terrarium to meet reptiles and amphibians. Outside again we coatis and nutrias. Turning left we can go inside to watch birds and look at the caimans. Then we are having a small house for genets. Behind it there are enclosure for patas monkeys, wallabies and the Australian dingo. Folowing the main path again we are having on the right some donkeys and on the left bell deer and Amur tigers. The path now takes a turn to the right which we follow and see the axis deer, the tigers favorit prey in India. Following the enclosure for the might wisent we soon see small aviaries and enclosures for birds and and rodents like the urson.  After the wisent we can se som farm animals like the Angeln Saddleback and pygmy goats. Before going to the exit we se a phesantry.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt u.a. mehr als 10 Eulenarten und seltenheiten wie der Syrische Braunbär und den Hutiacong. Der Zoo hat ein kleines Tarrarienhaus

DK: Denne lille have viser bl.a. mere end 10 uglearter og sjældenheder som den Syriske brunbjørn og hutiacongen. Haven har et lille terrariehus
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