Tierpark Dessau


City: Dessau-Roßlau

Country: Germany

State: Saxony-Anhalt


Opend 1958


Species 116

This small zoo is situatet arround a mausoleum from 1894, on your way arround you especially meet birds and farm animals, but there is a good collection of carnivores

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Last visitet 2009




Tierpark Dessau

Querallee 8

D - 06846 Dessau




Phone: 0340-614426



Open minimum 9am-4pm




  • Adult 3,50 Euro
  • Child 2,50 Euro

Annual card
The dimensions of this hobby took on forms that resulted in the small apartment to no longer tolerable conditions. We searched a lot outside of Hamburg, which offered in addition to the house, the possibilities for a greenhouse for the butterflies. The land was found and implemented the project. After a few years, the next problem was enough space and facilities, only the professional devoured most of the time. Logically, the next step was the conversion of the hobby into a profession. The first result was the Butterfly Park in Buchholz North Heath. In 1992, a second butterfly park at the edge of Uslar was compared with an indoor swimming pool planned, constructed and put into operation in 1993 at the suggestion of the Deputy Town Clerk of the city Uslar.
  • Adult 24 Euro
  • Child 16 Euro

Kids will love to pet and feed the animals in the petting areas. 
Map 2015
We go through the entrance and see the mausoleum in front of us, then at left, we hear chatter, the noise comes from several parakeets. Behind them we find the red deer and adjanced small rodents like the prairie dogs. Following the path a bit to the right we see coatis, canaries, dwarf zebus and the even now in Germany living raccoon. On the way back we will see beaver, Cameroon sheep and emus. Oposite we have the lively ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar. Passing the administration, we now come to the terrarium and pheasantry. Also living in this corner are the cute tamarins and the pig-tailed macaques. If we now go to the right we are having a duck pond on the right and on the left Soay sheep. Behind them we find storks and owls. If we go to the left now we see the Mouse House and a bit further away the ponies and a petting zoo. Next to the ponies live donkeys and several birds, such as the crowned cranes. Then comes the fallow deer, pigs, another pheasantry and owls. Let us follow the path right now and see predators like wolves. Left are now the kangaroo and next to it the rheas. If we follow the path left further we see other animals from South America such as capybaras, nutria and llamas. Opposite are living barbary sheep and behind them vultures and the brown bears. Let's go back past the Barbary sheep and follow the path left we see thuringian goats, reindeer, alpacas and Ovambo goats. Then comes another petting zoo, as well as the big cats area with jaguars and lynx.

DE: Dierser kleine Tierpark hat ein Mausoleum in der mitte und zeigt insbesonders Haustiere und Vögel aber auch einige Raubtiere wie den Jaguar

DK: Denne lille have har et mausolæum i midten og viser især husdyr og fugle, dog også nogle rovdyr som jaguaren
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