Zoo Aschersleben


City: Aschersleben

Country: Germany

State: Saxony-Anhalt


Opend 1973


Species 120

This small zoo shows a good collection of carnivores and monkeys, like the funny night monkey. It has a good little vivarium

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Last visitet 2007




Zoo Aschersleben

Auf der Alten Burg 40
D 6449 Aschersleben




Phone: 03473-3324



Open minimum 10am-4.30pm, closed 24th and 31st december




  • Adult 6,- Euro
  • Child 4,- Euro
  • Family* 16,- Euro
* Family cards are valid for 2 parents or grandparents and up to 3 children

Annual card
The dimensions of this hobby took on forms that resulted in the small apartment to no longer tolerable conditions. We searched a lot outside of Hamburg, which offered in addition to the house, the possibilities for a greenhouse for the butterflies. The land was found and implemented the project. After a few years, the next problem was enough space and facilities, only the professional devoured most of the time. Logically, the next step was the conversion of the hobby into a profession. The first result was the Butterfly Park in Buchholz North Heath. In 1992, a second butterfly park at the edge of Uslar was compared with an indoor swimming pool planned, constructed and put into operation in 1993 at the suggestion of the Deputy Town Clerk of the city Uslar.
  • Adult 25,- Euro
  • Child 16,- Euro
  • Family* 60,- Euro
* Family cards are valid for 2 parents or grandparents and up to 3 children

Kids will love to pet and feed the animals in the petting areas. There is a planetarium at the zoo

  • 1972 (August): Strating building the zoo
  • 1973: On the 1st may the zoo is opened on 8,5 hectare. On the openingday the zoo keeps 57 different species like wild boar, red deer, wolfes and raccoons. In november the zoo gets a couple of brown bears.
  • 1975: The zoo is entlarged to 10 hectare and gets its vivarium and restaurant
  • 1976: The wisent arrives. The bears get theire own cage, a pheasantry and aviaries for birds of prey are build The planetarium is opens on the 1st october
  • 1978: The brown bears breed for the first time, so does the boa constrictor. Opening of the monkey house on the 5th october. The zoo gets a 2 meter long nile crocodile called "Cesar", also cougars are shown for the first time
  • 1979: The first pig-tailed macaque is born.
  • 1980: First cougar cubs and rhesus macaque babys
  • 1982: The vivarium and the bird aviaries are enlarged
  • 1983: A petting zoo is opened. The first amur tigers and the llama arrive at the zoo.
  • 1984: The tigers get a new home and new to the collection are Asian black bears
  • 1989: Leopards including black panthers are new at the zoo
  • 1990: The tigers breed for the first time, bactrian camels arrive at the zoo
  • 1991: Leopards and camels breed for the first time. New at the zoo are zebras and lions.
  • 1992: The vivarium gets outdoor aviaries. The Association of the zoo friends "förderverein der Tierparkfreunde Ascherslaben e.V. starts
  • 1994: A play ground opens and the cotton-top tamarins breed for the first time
  • 1995: The zebras breed for the first time and antilopes as new arival
  • 1996: New arrivals are the ocelot, the jaguar, squirrel monkeys, golden-headed lion tamarins and lesser flamingos
  • 1997: The first walk through aviary for African birds open. New arrivals are the lechwe, bontebok and mountain reedbuck. The cage for larger cats are renovated
  • 1998: The night monkey breed for the first time, enclousures for bears and squirrel monkeys are build. A pony is stolen
  • 1999: The ocelots breed for the first time. New arrivals are the marabou stork, mara, geoffroy's cat and white-lipped tamarin
  • 2000: The bear enclosure is opened with spectacled bears
  • 2001: The renovated monkey house is a walk in experience with out any fence between tou and the monkeys. New arrival are the red ruffed lemurs. Barbary macaques breed for the first time
  • 2002: A new petting zoo opens and the jaguar breeds for the first time. 
  • 2003: A zoo-school opens and opening of a new enclosure for barbary macaques
  • 2004: Striped hyenas are the new arrival of the year
  • 2006: The zoo gets white tigers
  • 2009: The cafe is renovated and miniature pigs get a new walk in enclosure
  • 2012: The Jaguars breed 2 white cubs
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After paying the entrance fee we allready here the noisy bugerigars and the follow the path to the right, to meet lesser flamingos.  On the left hand we then have some aviaries and the lechwe. Following the path we around we then meet the ocelot and the bell deer. Oposite we finde the llama At the castle ruins, home for owls we once more turn right amd meet jaguars, black panthers and the tiger. Following are striped hyenas and buzzards. At the Amur tiger we turn left and watch the following white tiger before we are at the castle ruins once more. Here we turn right and look at the bactrian camel and zebras on the left and  lynd and leopard cat on the right. Then we meet the alpaca and turn right to see the barbary macaque as well as ponys. In this area we find the planetarium. Following the main path we then meet owls and the tropical house with monkeys. On the right we then are having the vivarium and a playground.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt insbesonders Katzen von der kleinen Amurkatze bis zum grossen Amur Tiger. Aber auch mehrere Vögel und Affen haben hier ein zuhause und ein Vivarium gibt es auch.

DK: Denne lille have viser især katte fra den lille leopard kat til den store Amur tiger. Men ligeledes flere fuglearter og aber kan kalde haven deres hjem og et vivarie er der også
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