Zoo Linz



City: Linz
Country: Austria
State: Upper Austria
Opend 1980 

Species 130


The zoo offers a home for 130 species and was opened in 1980. To reach it you can take the Pöstlingbergbahn, probably the world wide steeplyest adhesion railway.

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Last visit: 2010



Linzer Tiergarten
Windflachweg 1
A - 4040 Linz





Phone number.: 0732-737180
E-mail  office@zoo-linz.at




Open mimimum 9.30am - 5pm, except the 01st Jannuary, 25th december and the 31st december


  • Adult 7,- Euro
  • Child 3,50 Euro

Annual Card

  • Adult 35,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro

Children can feed goats with the specieal zoo food bought at the zoo

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Past the till we see the funny lemurs and meerkats, next door we have a tropical house with marmosets, spectacled caiman, and many others. Across rabbits and ostriches live, the African ostrich the largest bird in the world. Next the giant donkey padock we finde turtoises and then crowned cranes. Across Javanese macaques are living. Behind the monkey, we have the stork lawn and several aviaries for birds such as the hyacinth macaw, but also the sweet marmoset are living here. We also find the coati here from South America and then come to the reptile house, where we find not only fish but also reptiles and invertebrates. Are we now going around the domestic animal facilities, we find, among other, 3 races of sheep pigmy pigs. The Bird Street up again and then right back and turning right at the Javanese Macaques, we soon meet the nature trail and the predators of the zoo, like the red pandas, the lynx and the badger. Across rheas and alpacas live together and next door the kangaroos with emus. On the other side we see the beautiful Sika.



DE: Dieser kleine Zoo mit 130 Arten zeigt die gewöhnliche zootiere wie Nasenbären, den Luchs und mehrere reptilien in 2 Terrarien

DK: Denne lille have viser de sædvanlige zoodyr som næsebjørne, losse og forskellige krybdyrarter i 2 terrarier.

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