Wildpark Lüneburger Heide


City: Nindorf-Hanstedt

Country: Germany

State: Lower Saxony


Opend 20th August 1970


Species 145

This zoo has a vaste area where you especially meet European animals, but carnivore lovers will have a great oportunity to see 3 different subspecies of wolf, snow leopards and kodiak bears among others

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Last visitet 2010




Wildpark Lüneburger Heide

Am Wildpark

D - 21271 Nindorf - Hanstedt



Phone: 04184-8939-0




Open minimum 9am-4.30pm




  • Adult 12,- Euro
  • Child 10,- Euro
  • Family 42,- Euro
*Family tickts are valid for 2 adults and 2 children, each additional child costs 9,- Euro

Annual card
  • Adult 53,- Euro
  • Child 42,- Euro
  • Family 159,- Euro
*Family cards are valid for 2 adults and up to 3 children

Kids will love the petting zoo, in summer theire are two flight shows daily
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After we paid the entrance fee, we go left down the hill past the playground and come to the duck pond. Opposite is the Reptilium with different types of reptiles. The next enclosure kids certainly will love, because here we have the petting zoo next to the wisent, which once also had its home in Germany. Right and left we see chickens and other birds such as the red-crowned Crane. Always popular are the following Poitou donkeys from France. On the left hand then comes the enclosure for red deer, Dybowski deer and the rustic musk ox. Now comes the gamefowl, which are birds that also live wild in Germany, as the mighty grouse and the beautiful pheasant. In the next enclosure we see again farm animals such as Scottish Highland Cattle and the Tigerscheckenponies. If you want to get closer to the animals, the next enclosure is the Atraktion, because here you can go in to the fallow deer enclosure. Inside theire enclosure you find seperatet enclosures for different domestic pig breeds, such as the meishan pig. Leaving  the deer enclosure we see on the left hand the ibex, mouflon and Heidschnuke. A South American domestic species is the alpaca, then we see prairie dogs and several birds of prey. At the moose we turn left and see the Amur tiger, the largest cat in the world. Then we turn left again where we first meet the reindeer and then predators. Here live 2 wolf subspecies, bobcats, badgers and raccoon dogs. Left past the "Elchlodge (Mooselodge)" we see the bee and the wapiti deer. Following the path right we see the snow leopard and the mountain goat Next there is an enclosure for Kodiak bears, they share it with the Eastern Wolf, whose neighbor is the chamois. After a while we see on the right hand the wild boar on the left the otter, coati, and several species of owls.

DE: Dieser Tierpark zeigt auf einem riesigen gelände besonders die Europäische Fauna aber auch eine sehr gute samlung von Raubtieren, wie 3 Unterarten von Wölfen

DK: Denne zoo viser på et kæmpe område især den europæiske fauna, ligeledes dog også en god samling af rovdyr, som 3 uleunderarter
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