Acuario Nacional de Santo Domingo

City: Santo Domingo

Country: Dominican Republic

Province: National District

Opend 1990

Species 250


Opened in 1990, its excellent location allows you to display more than 250 marine species different without artificially control the environment. It has 90 tanks and 7 ponds. The most popular with visitors is the shark tank, a large auditorium where you can see large numbers of nurse sharks just inches from you.

It also has an underwater tunnel built beneath the surface where you can see a multitude of species such as tarpon, turtles, sharks ... a transparent walkway that surrounds visitors and allows you to walk as if walking by the sea .

The star of the National Aquarium in Santo Domingo is "Tamaury"an orphaned Antillean manatee that was rescued off the coast near Barahona.

Service given


Open : tuesday-sunday 9.30am-5.30pm

Entrace fee: Yes

Food: The Aquarium has a place where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the zoo on your homepage









Phone number (809) 766-1709

Address: Acuario Nacional de Santo Domingo, Av. España 75, Santo Domingo 10700-11999, Dominican Republic 





Where to finde the Park:

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I don't have any guides of this aquarium. Does any body know if they made any guides? And where I can get any guides of Acuario Nacional?



In the year 2015 they had theire 25th anniversarry. Have they made any books on this occassion?

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