Varosi Vadaspark (City Zoo)

City: Miskolc
Country: Hungary
Region: Northern Hungary

Opend 20.08.1983

Species 120

Besides the European fauna you can find here some exotic animals as well. If you don’t know what an aratinga, a coati, a peccary, a colobus, a guanaco, or a caracal is, but you would like to know then you should definitely come and meet them and their friends. You will also meet Gabi the bear, Zeno the Bengal tiger, the panther family, the group of meercats, ostriches, emus, wallabies, wolves, deer, parrots, monkeys and many more.

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Last visit 2017



Miskolc Allatkert
Pf. 583
H - 3510 Miskolc


Telefon nr.: 046-332-121
Fax nr.: 046-332-121



 Minimum Open 9am-4pm 



  • Adult 3800,- HUF
  • Cild 1900,- HUF
  • Familly* 6400,- HUF

* Familly in this Zoo are 2 adults and 1 child, each aditional child costs 900,- HUF

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After paying the entrance fee we first look at the European polecat and the meerkat on the left hand and some monkeys, like the guereza, on the right. Following is the tropical house with ring tailed lemurs and other monkeys as well as parrots as the little corella. Behind is a South American area with animals like the rhea and the coati, as well as the pacari. Then we are having a big enclosure for the brown bear and going down the hillto some birds of prey as the steppe eagle. Turning left we are having  the big cats like the tiger and the panther, this area is also home for the raccoon.  Behind the cats we find aviaries for birds, red fox and the wildcat. Then it is time to look at wallabys and the llama befor we turn right. This area is for hoofed animals, we first meet the barbary sheep, the reindeer and the the kulan. Across are some aviaries for the lynx and the wildcat, in this corner we also find the wolf.  Following the path we then look at the wild boar, red deer, the blacbuck, the milu and the guanaco. The last section is for hungarian farm animals like the hungarian grey cattle

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt spannende Arten wie der Bengalische Tiger, Ungarische Steppenvieh und Zackelschafe. Er wurde als Heimattierpark gegründet, deshalb sind Ungarische Tiere immer noch gut vertreten

DK: Denne lille have viser spændende arter som den bengalske tiger, ungarsk steppekvæg og ungarsk skruehornsfår. Haven viste i starten kun ungariske dyr, men eksotiske dyr er kommet til siden.
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