Technically, a zoo is an establishment where wild animals are kept for display to the public, and are different from the circuses and pet shops in an educational sense. Zoos themselves as scientific centers where caring for the animals and ensuring their welfare and preservation.

1 .- The main concern that must exist in a zoo, by their visitors and their coordinators, is the welfare of animals in captivity for several years, not for a few hours at the users.

2 .- A Zoo should be a center for preservation, studdies and education. Not for entertainment like  circuses, bullfights, the bull tailing, cockfighting,nore used for  animal testing, the fur industry (fur clothing), etc. It is therefore important  for environmental awareness for both visitors and those responsible for the place.

3 .- With all the expenses and maintenance problems that create these spaces, a lot of small private zoos don't think about the animals, and this can be verified by simply observing the behavior, mood and malnutrition among them.

4 .-  Zoos claim to educate people and help preserve species, there fore it is absolutlet nessessarry that it works together with the local university, has a school fore the local kids (both fore lower and upper grades) and  biologist working there full time.

5 .- The animal's natural behavior is a fact wich can't be denied - therefore daily enrichment is nessessarry and some species shouldn't been showed.

6 .- natural behaviors such as hunting or choosing a partner is hard to maintane - but it can been done, since a lot of animals breed better, if they choose theire partner - as shown with the Congo Peafowl at Copenhagen Zoo ore a hunting simulator as at Herberstein for Cheetas.  

7 .- More than half of zoos around the world are in poor condition and treat animals poorly.

8 .- The purpose of zoos is to find ways to breed and keep animals in captivity. Protecting endangered animals, sounds like a noble cause, but zoo managers generally favor the popular animals - like elephants and lions, which attract many people and neglect other species. And yes, showing popular is not bad, if the Zoo in other ways shows, how the eco - system works

9 .- It is necessary to defend the other animals of the human animal, caring for their habitats so that they can live free in the broadest sense of the word, creating artificial reservoirs in which to exhibit signs of something as beautiful as nature, so a Zoo should work ex - situ as well
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